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What is Girl Friday?

We are a small, professional local business dedicated to helping you with your pet care and daily needs while on Nantucket.

The emphasis of our services is on pets but we love to help with other incidental errands too. We understand that there isn’t always enough time in the day and we want to do what we can to lessen your load. From picking Fido up at the groomer’s, to regular daily visits to potty train your new puppy, Girl Friday ACK will step in when you need help most.

Why Girl Friday?

Because we care. We care about you and your pet’s individual needs. We understand that finding the right help when you’re unavailable is tough. Girl Friday wants to eliminate that stress for you. Your pet will be loved and safe with Girl Friday where responsible guardianship is practiced and good behaviors humanely rewarded – we believe in using only scientifically proven positive reinforcement training methods.

A tired dog is a happy dog but physical exercise alone isn’t enough – our dogs need mental stimulation too. That’s why our enrichment visits involve games, training and physical conditioning – offering your pet far more than just a chance to eliminate.

Girl Friday is not the “kid next door”. We are a professional pet care and errand service. We believe in building a lasting relationship with you and tailor our services to your specific needs.

Anyone can make a buck. It’s harder to make a difference.

Who is Girl Friday?

Als Allan – Nantucket’s original Girl Friday A relative newcomer to the island, Als arrived on Nantucket in the summer of 2012. Prior to that, Als worked as a lawyer in the City of London.

“Animals have always featured heavily in my life. I was involved with the RSPCA in the UK so it was only natural for me to volunteer with the local animal shelter (Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals) when I reached the island. My first summer on Nantucket was spent walking many of the dogs in the shelter and I couldn’t have been happier. Within the year I had adopted “Olive” my first “Little Mountain Rescue” dog. “Buster” joined the family in July 2014.

I do what I do because I love animals. As anyone who has ever had a companion cat or dog knows, they are incredible friends. My services are purposely small so that I can give the attention to each individual animal that they deserve. As a recent graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy, I am excited to expand my original Girl Friday services to include basic dog training.”

The Team – We’d like one. If you are, or someone you know is a responsible, reliable, animal lover looking to get into the pet care industry please contact us!

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