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Are you tired of Tucker relieving himself on your carpet? Does Cisco leave you with a sore arm every time you walk him? Or perhaps Scout has just shredded another expensive dog bed. If you’re nodding your head then Girl Friday ACK wants to help you. Whether you’re looking for some assistance potty training your new pup, or need a hand walking your energetic teenage dog, Girl Friday ACK is here to help you with all of your pet care needs.



Private Coaching

Dog Training

Girl Friday ACK offers private in-home training sessions where we can help you to train your dog such basic manners as “Sit”, “Down”, and “Come”, assist with potty and confinement training or just focus on some fun tricks.

Our trainer, Als Allan, CPDT-KA and DogNostics certified Dog Trick Instructor, is delighted to share with Nantucket her positive reinforcement teaching methods.

For pet parents who prefer to learn in a group setting, Als has been offering a Basic Manners for Young Dogs class through the Nantucket Community School since 2016. Learn more about group classes through the Nantucket Community School here.

Behavior Modification

We also offer consultations to help you and your dog to overcome unwanted behaviors that may have developed like excessive barking, or a fear of strangers. Girl Friday ACK will help you to identify the reasons for the behavior, develop for you an ethical, humane and effective behavior change strategy and then support you in implementing the plan so you can say goodbye to those nuisance behaviors.

All of our training sessions take place at your home or another location of your choosing. The whole family is welcome and indeed encouraged. All training programs begin with an initial consultation where we learn more about you, your family, your pup, your training objectives and an introduction to our training methods. Hourly training or behavior modification sessions can then be booked individually ($120/hour) or as part of a 3 or 5 hour discounted package. Our training and behavior modification packages are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase allowing you to spread out the hourly sessions according to your schedule.

Girl Friday ACK practices force free, fear free and intimidation free dog training and behavior modification. We believe in teaching our dogs what we want them to do rather than focussing on and punishing undesired behaviors. You can learn more about the benefits of positive reinforcement based training methods here. We’re so confident that our companion animals can be trained without resorting to prong, choke or shock collars we offer significantly discounted training services in exchange for these devices. Click here to read more about Project Trade

Day training and training walks

Perhaps you’ve started some training but your pup still needs a little one on one. Consistency and repetition are the cornerstones of successful dog training so why lose precious time while you’re at work or even taking a vacation?

Girl Friday ACK can help you to train your dog even when you’re not there! We offer a unique Day Training package which includes a private consult with you to establish your training objectives, 10 training visits when we will work with pup towards your desired training  goals, daily notes, a weekly progress update and two half-hour transfer sessions with you to ensure you are in a position to continue reinforcing Fido’s new behaviors. 

Dogs don’t have to like everyone and everything. Just because your dog has definite preferences doesn’t mean he has to be kept alone at home. For some dogs, carefully measured exposure to new experiences and people paired with  positive associations may mean he is introduced to wonderful new adventures. Training walks with Girl Friday ACK allow you to relax knowing that your furry friend has a supervised opportunity to get out and about while receiving the structure and guidance he or she may still need.

Contact us today for further information and pricing of our training services.

Puppy care

New puppies can be time-consuming! We understand how frustrating it can be to toilet train a new pup or get them used to a confinement area. We empathize with the demands of constant monitoring to ensure they’re chewing on acceptable doggie toys. But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed as Girl Friday ACK is available to assist. Our customized New Puppy Packages can help with potty training during the day when you’re unavailable and even in the evening if you’re out with friends. Because our services are focussed on the individual we can design a puppy care package to suit your specific needs.

Our puppy care services start with an initial meeting where we learn more about you, your family, your pup, your objectives and an introduction to our training methods. We understand that for some pet parents this may be the only help they ever need so our two hour meeting is jam-packed with information and handouts. Otherwise our further services  include multiple daily potty and/or training visits with pup and private coaching sessions with you.

Bringing a new puppy into the home should be a great experience for everyone.  Contact us now to find out more about our Puppy Packages and let us put an end to your new puppy fatigue.



Girl Friday ACK has been offering dog walking services to Nantucket since 2014. We offer private walks, and also small group hikes. Our commitment is to your pup and their specific needs. We understand that dogs are individuals and some just prefer one on one time, while others may benefit from playing with well-matched pups.

Private training walks are available after an initial private coaching session and are an ideal way to complement your training program.  Otherwise, we are happy to schedule regular walking appointments or, once we get to know you at a complimentary Meet & Greet, to help you with occasional walking. We know how unpredictable our weather can be and what a relief it is to know that you always have someone to call if you get delayed off island!



Girl Friday ACK customizes all pet care to the individual pet but our walking services include a potty break, brain games, any meals and of course copious amounts of tender loving care.

Private off leash hikes and small group outings are available, but only where this is appropriate. All off leash services are subject to evaluation of a dog’s disposition and recall. Our group hikes are kept intentionally small so they can be closely managed. Dogs are carefully matched, and play styles must be compatible. One bad experience can last a dog’s lifetime.

Puppy play dates can be arranged and are always held in a secure but enriching environment.



While looking after your pup, we also believe in creating a relationship with you. We understand that it takes trust to allow someone into your home and to take care of your beloved pet. We want you to know that you can ask us to help in other ways too.

We’re happy to help get Fido to or from the groomer, or to pick up/drop off Fluffy at boarding or day care. And if you need to go off-island for a few days, then why not keep pup on his/her regular schedule and comfortable at-home? We offer pet-sitting visits multiple times a day which can be an ideal solution if you have other companion animals at home. We love looking after your kitties, fish, rabbits and even your chickens too!

Because our services are so individualized please contact us to discuss pricing.

Pet sit visits

All pet sitting visits are customized to your specifications but our services include:
Kitty sitting
  • Regular well-being visits (Minimum 1 visit each 24 hour period).
  • Litter changing and disposal.
  • Litter box cleaning.
  • Change of food and water.
  • Tender loving care and interaction.
Stay at home dogs
  • Regular relief and enrichment visits (Minimum 3 visits each 24 hour period
  • Physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Feeding.
  • Medication.
  • Plenty of hugs and kisses
In addition we’ll be happy to bring in mail, turn on/off lights, feed the fish and water the plants.

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